​Your Pets Deserve a Vacation Too!

If you are an animal lover and enjoy interacting with people, and are self motivated, reliable, dependable, responsible, and detail oriented, have a Smartphone with internet, email and text capabilities, have strong administrative/organizational skills; own a reliable, insured vehicle and have a current clean criminal record and are eager to work within the pet industry then we want we to hear from you. 

In Summary.....

Supplies & Equipment - You will be supplied with all supplies and equipment that you need other than your Vehicle & Smartphone. 

Training - You'll attend a 6 hour training class covering Pet Pawsitive's Policies and Procedures, 2 week in field training and continuous on-going support. You'll be Pet Tech Pet Saver TM Certified. 

Employment Benefits  - You receive a bi-weekly pay cheque, all employment deductions will be deducted and 4% vacation pay will be added to each pay cheque. 

Competitive Wages - You'll earn one of the best pet sitting/dog walking hourly rates in the Quinte Region along with a flat mileage rate according coverage area. 

What Pet Pawsitive Has To Offer You?

Networking & Events - We network with other Local Pet Industry Business and we participate in local events ie. Barks By The Bay & Strut For Strays 

Administrative Duties - Complete all administrative duties including your log book to track your vehicle mileage, payment tracker & key log. 

Communicate - Communicate with Client's in person and/or via email, text and phone. 

Policies & Procedures - Follow and abide by Pet Pawsitive's Policy's & Procedures. 

Home Care ​- Collecting and sorting mail, watering plants, filling ponds, taking care of garbage and recycling, turning on and off lights, opening and closing drapes and any other light house duty required by the client. 

Pet Care - We walk, play, feed, and administer medications. We wash all bowls, clean litter boxes, sweep the litter room, pick up doggie business and clean up other pet messes as required. We perform head-to-tail checks at each visit and give unlimited TLC. 

Duties of Pet Pawsitive's Team 

Attention to Detail - We must always pay attention to the smallest details in everything we do.

Independent ​- We are a team however, we work independently in the field at all times. 

Common SenseWe are always faced with challenging situations on a regular basis and it's up to us to be make correct decisions. Some things we can't be trained for. 

Computer Skills - Moderate computer skills, we use technology consistently throughout the day. 

Written Communication - Most of our interaction with clients is through written communication. Applicants must have excellent grammar and spelling skills. 

Strong - We must be strong enough to handle 100 lb + dogs to be able to keep them safe while walking them. Not all dogs are fully trained to walk correctly on a leash.

Excellent Customer Service - We pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service. Our Clients are our business and they deserve the best customer service possible. 

Pet Parent - Must be a pet parent. Our pets teach us the best hands-on knowledge than what we can learn from reading or researching. 

Experience  & Skills Required 

Clean Criminal Record - Applicants must present a clean criminal record check. Trust is a huge part of our business and we do not tolerate anything but honesty. This includes not having any animal abuse, neglect or animal abandonment  charges against you.

Dependable, Reliable & Responsible - Applicants must be dependable, reliable & responsible, we work weekends, holidays and overnights being a 24/7 business. We are responsible for the well-being of all our furry clients and their homes. 

Smartphone - Applicants must have a smart phone that has internet capabilities to interact with PetSitClick (Pet Pawsitive's Database)

Vehicle - Applicants must own a reliable and insured vehicle. We drive to and from visits, covering all of Quinte Area. We must have our vehicle with us at all times in the event we have to transport pets to the vet. 

Active - Applicants must enjoy being active. We work in a fast pace environment and are continuously active walking and playing pets.

Compassion - Applicants must share our Compassion for animals, especially pets. 

Requirements for Joining Pet Pawsitive's Team 

Stimulate the Mind - We are continuously learning about pet behaviour and pet health. We have yet to meet two pets that are exactly alike.

Never the SameEveryday is different, it's a nice change from doing the same 'ole same 'ole everyday. Keeps you on your toes. 

Feel The Love - You'll enjoy being greeted with happy dances and baths of kisses when you arrive to each visit, definitely a change from being nagged at all day by your boss. 

Out & About  - You will visit clients and their pets in the comfort of their own home by driving to and from each visit. Pet Pawsitive covers a large area so occasionally you may be required to drive 30 minutes to a visit but it beats being stuck behind a cubicle all day long.

Reduce Stress Level- Studies show that spending time with animals is relaxing and beneficial to human health. 

Improve your Health- You'll enjoy the fresh air and exercise as you walk dogs in their neighborhood. Being active will improve your health and the dog's health. 

Benefits of joining Pet Pawsitive's Team