Our Private Luxury Kitty Suites are designed for a comfortable and Stress-FREE stay with us. Just image your kitty relaxing at the window watching birds all day long and having cozy naps on a real human bed designed specifically for them . There's no need to feel guilty about leaving your kitties with us, we'll make sure they are treated like the "Queen" & "King" they are. We send you daily updates along with pictures so you can have that extra peace of mind. 

Pet Pawsitive now offers luxury cat boarding, we have 3 private luxury purrfect suites. Each suite  Our goal is to give each cat suite a warm & cozy home-like feeling. When your cat stays with us they will never be in a cage or crate they will have free range of their suite at all times. 

During your cats stay they will receive a minimum of 2 social visits per day which includes feeding, medications if required, litter box scooped, fresh water, play time and snuggles. 

We supply the litter unless your kitty requires special litter due to texture or allergies, cat bowls, litter box. 

What to bring: You are required to provide enough food for your cat(s) to cover their stay plus 2 days extra just in case, we do return what is left of their food to you when you pick up your cat(s). We always suggest bringing your cats bed or favourite blanket if they have one, favourite toys they love to play with and medications if they require any. 

All of our furry guests are required to be up to date on vaccinations:  FVRCP, Rabies, Feline Leukemia (Outdoor Cats), as well as some form of flea and tick prevention. PLEASE NOTE: We have the right to refuse pets if they have fleas or show evidence of having fleas. 

We do require all pet parent clients to first set up an account through our PetSitClick database and complete a pet profile for each cat. Once you've set up your account you can then book your stay.  


Cat Boarding 

Check-in Day includes Dinner Check-out Day includes breakfast.

If Check out Day needs to be extended to include dinner a $10 surcharge will be charged. 

Luxury Kitty Den

5x7' with a cubby                                 

Luxury Kitty Lounge

5x7' with kitty tree and indoor window

Luxury Play House 

5x7' with a window view 

$25 - 1 Cat/Night 

$30 - 2 Cats/Night 

$35- 3 Cats/Night

$40- 4 Cats/Night  

We offer discounts for long term stays over 21 days. All rates are based on cats that are from the same house hold and share the same pet parents. 

​Your Pets Deserve a Vacation Too!