Dr Karen Becker educates us on Raw Diet and clears up all the myths about feeding raw. 

Pawsitive Raw Pet Food is Quinte's Orginal Big Country Raw Distributor! Come in and see our selection or order online and pick up your order from us! See you soon!  

BigCountry Raw meals take the guess work out of raw feeding.

All our meals are portioned into 1, 2, and 4 lb plastic rigid containers. Simply thaw and serve!

Our Menu Choices

BigCountry Dinners are prepared ground meat, organ meats, and bone with added fruit & vegetables (apples, pears, carrots, kale, spinach) and kelp.

BigCountry Pure Formula's are prepared single protein options (no blending of proteins) and include ground meat & bone and organ meats.

BigCountry Signature Blends are exclusive to BigCountry Raw and includes some of our most popular sellers including Breeder's Blend and Turkey Salmon Lamb Blend.

Raw Meaty Bones include chicken necks and backs, turkey necks and wings, meaty beef bones, marrow bones, necks bones etc. Too extensive to list all choices here. Excellent additions to a raw diet, we recommend feeding raw meaty bones at least 2-3 times per week to ensure excellent dental health.

BigCountry Raw Tripe is available in beef, lamb and bison. Very stinky, but also extremely nutritious. Tripe is a must try for all raw feeders.

  • Fast your pet for 8-12 hrs before starting. This allows their digestive system to empty and it also creates hunger which may be helpful for picky or fussy eaters
  • Feed only in stainless steel or ceramic dishes and wash bowls and utensils on warm water with soap between meals. We also recommend washing hands after serving.
  • Do not feed cold raw food in the first 2-5 days. We suggest bringing the food to room temperature by allowing to sit out of your refrigerator for 1 hr before feeding. If fed too cold and eaten to quickly, your dog my have trouble digesting and even possibly throw it up. Most dogs can tolerate cold raw food 2 weeks after transition.
  • Limit the variety of raw choices in the first 2 weeks to just 1-3 proteins. Ideally we suggest starting with Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit or Duck. Beef, Lamb, fish and tripe are best introduced once your dog has made a complete transition to the raw, usually within 1 week.Switching is both simple and rewarding!

Transitioning your pet from a dry commercial dog food to raw is both simple and rewarding! In most cases you should expect to have healthy firm and formed stool the very day you start.

Our recommended and the BEST and quickest transition for young healthy adult dogs and puppies is to make a complete switch from kibble to raw food. For best results we suggest the following:

We do not recommend mixing raw and dry food kibble together. Raw food is passed through the digestive system at a much quicker rate than dry food. If you do want to continue feeding kibble with raw food, feed them separately (raw-am, kibble-pm).

Occasionally we have dogs that do not transition as easily or as quickly to a raw food diet. This is more common in senior dogs or picky eaters. If you have tried the above method for 2-3 days without success you can pan fry or sear the raw food so it is partially cooked, gradually each day cooking less and less until your dog eats the food completely raw.

Give them the life they deserve!

The loss of our pets at any age is heart breaking, but when they are taken too early or by preventable illness the loss seems even worse! We know that feeding what nature intended for our dogs & cats prevents disease, but here is the proof! 

On average dogs fed commercial pet food lived 10.4 years, but if they were fed raw or home prepared food they lived on average 13.1 years! For dogs that got a bit of both, the average was 11.4 years! 

So don't think that it's too late, or it's too costly, or too difficult or any of the other many other excuses we have for not feeding what nature intended for our pet.

Want the proof? - here's the study


What would you do for an extra 3 yrs? 

A raw diet provides a range of benefits that a commercially processed diet will never match.
These include:Your dog will no longer have that distinctive doggie odour.

Shiny Coats & No More Doggie Odour
The numerous preservatives and additives and animal byproducts in your pet's commercially prepared food results in dull coats with a greasy residue and distinctive “doggie” odour.

BigCountry Raw contains NO preservatives,or additives. We only use fresh human grade ingredients, which will produce shiny soft skin and coats with loads of shine and a lot less shedding.

Less to Scoop
BigCountry Raw contains NO Fillers, NO Corn and NO Wheat. Free of fillers and preservatives a raw natural diet is more digestible and therefore less waste is eliminated. Stools are firm, formed and will biodegrade into your lawn in a matter of days!

Allergies and Food Sensitivities are Eliminated
Switching to BigCountry Raw may diminish and ease the various health symptoms particularly food allergies. Our diets are protein specific and our sensitivity formulas such as duck, rabbit, turkey or lamb may be the answer to solving your pet's allergic reactions (continual scratching, chewing feet, hot spots, ear infections etc.) Additionally many raw fed dogs have fewer health issues, meaning less expensive vet appointments.

Clean Teeth
Poor dental health particularly the build up of plaque and tartar is very common with a commercial dry dog food. BigCountry Raw contains no added carbohydrates and a food without sugar and starches will naturally produce cleaner teeth. In addition the raw meaty bones in a raw feeding program will clean teeth to a beautiful pearly white and prevent unnecessary health concerns due to diseased teeth. 

Drooling and Water Intake
With better digestibility your pet will no longer require the excessive amounts of water necessary to break down a dry food diet. In addition this will mean less drooling and improved liver and kidney functions extending the overall long term health of your pet.

  • 100% Canadian Made and Ontario Sourced Raw Pet Food
  • Hormone and Antibiotic FREE using only CFIA Inspected Human Grade Meats
  • Produced in small batches daily and then frozen immediately to provide the FRESHEST raw possible
  • Convenient Pre-portioned Packaged Meals ( 1,2 and 6lb portions)
  • Over 10 possible protein choices available – Beef, Chicken, Duck, Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit, Fish, Salmon, Tripe, & Turkey, 
  • Wide Selection of Raw Meaty Bones for breeds of all sizes!​ FREE Custom Meal and Menu Planning Available by our trained and knowledgeable staff upon request
​Your Pets Deserve a Vacation Too!