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Socialization, Exercise & Fun

Puppy Daycare

A healthy and happy puppy is a well socialized puppy. Puppies are at their peak learning stage from 10-14 weeks of age. There's no better way for your puppy to learn how to be a dog than from well socialized dogs themselves, in a controlled supervised environment where all dogs are monitored for their vaccines and have already passed a social assessment. Here at PPLPR we have the space to host 3-4 different play groups indoors and out , so it gives us the opportunity to have small select groups that best suit your puppy's energy levels and play tactics. We also offer midday feeding schedules for puppies that are fed three times a day which we do recommend to help support a heathy immune system and growth development. Let your puppy make new friends and learn how to be a well socialized dog all the while getting lots of exercise and burning off pent up puppy energy!! 

Daycare Environment 

  • Great alternative to leaving your furbabies at home alone 
  • Stimulates your dogs mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Convenient hours to accommodate even shift workers 
  • Safe, secure, supervised play areas 
  • Selected play groups based on size, temperament & play style.
  • Your puppy must be enrolled in a vaccine program with your vet 
  • Your puppy must have their bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) 7 days minimum prior to their social assessment
  • must pass social assessment 
  • Its recommended to have your puppy enrolled in Puppy Training Classes  (we recommend Quinte Canine


  • Secured indoor court yard provides lots of space to run & roll around 
  • Secure outdoor courtyard, offering shade, sun, seasonal pools, and misting system to cool off on hot days  
  • Doggie Lounge, great place to take a nap and recharge 
  • Time out areas to take a time out when becoming too stimulated or tired